Common traits of a good leader

If you are going to be a good leader, you need to know what skills and attributes define a good leader.  After plenty of research, here is what I’ve come up with (in no particular order).

  • Be a good role model to others, be a thought leader, come up with creative solutions to problems, stand by your decisions but know when you’re wrong.
  • Listen to others and take in their opinions.  Know when to listen, and know when not to listen to other peoples advice.
  • When you get stressed, don’t take it out on people around you.  Stress can be reduced by effectively managing your time, taking regular breaks, sleeping well at night/having a healthy diet.  Also try asking for support from your friends and family.
  • Know your strengths, and weaknesses.  Use your powers of delegation to get the right people doing the right work, if there is something you are particularly good at then play to your strengths…same goes for your team.  Don’t be afraid to give credit where credit is due.
  • Communicate effectively with other people.  Ask lots of questions and understand the big picture.
  • Lead from the front.  Be an inspiration to others.  Embrace new technologies/initiatives.
  • Train your team, and trust them to carry out their work to a high standard.

…the list is no doubt endless, and we could probably debate the finer details all day, but this is certainly a good starting point.


  • Vasistan Shakkaravarthi

    Hi, its really good article. I think there is a mistake in first point. is it “creative problems to solutions” or “creative solutions to problems”?

    • jpreecedev

      Very well spotted… I’ve corrected the mistake. This made me smile because often leaders tend to make “problems out of solutions” where problems didn’t previously exist.