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Everybody seems to be blogging these days, and that is fantastic for the wider software development community. One of the hardest aspects of blogging, however, is inspiration. There are so many topics, making a decision is hard. Inspiration lacks. Never fear, I have some ideas.

JavaScript blog post ideas

  1. Create a progressive web app (PWA) with Google’s workbox. Talking points
  2. Write more scalable, robust JavaScript applications with TypeScript.
  3. A beginners guide to Puppeteer from Google. Talking points
  4. Decorators in JavaScript explained.
  5. The best JavaScript quirks.
  6. Hands on with Async/Await in JavaScript.
  7. When REALLY to use var, const, let, and arrow functions.
  8. An explanation of event delegation in JavaScript.
  9. How to build and deploy a static website to AWS using Gatsby. Talking points
  10. Microservices on the front-end - Building front-end apps that scale. Talking points

React blog post ideas

  1. Getting started with React Context API. Talking points
  2. Managing state in modern React applications.
  3. How any why to extract React from your JavaScript bundles.
  4. How to Multi-variant test (MVT) React applications.
  5. Sharing state between multiple React applications. Talking points
  6. Server side rendering React with Node/Express.
  7. Testing React applications with Jest, and React Testing Library. Talking points

Functional programming blog post ideas

  1. A practical introduction to currying in JavaScript
  2. A practical introduction to pipe & compose in JavaScript

GraphQL blog post ideas

  1. Using GraphQL with .NET Core and React
  2. Using GraphQL with Node, Express and React

Serverless blog post ideas

  1. An introduction to Firebase (Realtime Database, Authentication)
  2. Why front-end developers should care about AWS S3 buckets and Route53

Computer Science / Patterns blog post ideas

  1. Understanding Big O Notation with tree data structures
  2. Practical stack and queue examples
  3. When to use the factory pattern and why it still matters
  4. A high level look at blockchain

Should you use any of the ideas, please do let me know in the comments and I will link to your blog.

Best of luck! Happy blogging!


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